Powered by LEDwear Ltd. designs and manufactures a range of specialist high visibility or "Hi Viz" safety clothing for a number of leisure and industrial applications.

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Powered by LEDWear Ltd. Is a company whose misson is to utilise LED technology to enhance high visibility clothing and create a greater level of saftey for the wearer.

The company manufactures a range of items for use in both leisure and commercial environments - from cyclists to road maintenance crews, oil workers and the police.

Anywhere that there is a lack of light a Powered by LEDWear product will make you safer. Our motto is "After Dark" and the product speaks for itself.

"High Viz" has never been so effective and so well defined.


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Powered by LEDwear Jackets
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Children's Aurora Jacket | Purchase
MK1 Jacket | Purchase

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LEDwear Jackets

Powered by LEDwear Rucksack Cover
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LEDwear backpack cover

Powered by LEDwear Cycle Helmet
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